Tuesday, 26 November 2013

26 - Great Blogs and Podcasts

As my limited run as a horror blogger nears the end, here’s a few other horror-related blogs you might like to peruse, and a couple of entertaining podcasts for good measure. See how I take care of (both) my readers?

http://www.freddyinspace.com/ - Freddy In Space. Infrequently updated now he writes for Fearnet, but there’s a decent archive to wade through. Despite the name and the entry chosen below, this isn’t all-Freddy or even all-slasher.

Sample entry:  http://www.freddyinspace.com/2013/06/a-closer-look-at-freddy-kruegers.html - A Closer Look at Freddy Krueger’s Prototype Gloves

http://finalgirl.blogspot.co.uk/ - Final Girl. Another pro-slasher, all horror blog. She vanished for a little while, then she unvarnished and stuff.

http://retroslashers.net/ - Retro Slashers. Not updated anywhere near frequently enough for me, this site’s still worth a browse.

Sample entry: http://retroslashers.net/misleading-slasher-trailers/ - Misleading slasher trailers

http://www.hudsonlee.com/ - Vegan Voorhees. The most frequently updated site out of all my choices, and probably my favourite one, not least for the massive amounts of Jason-love shown.

Sample entry: http://www.hudsonlee.com/13-things-to-love-about-friday-the-13th/ - 13 things to love about Friday the 13th

http://the-bodycount-continues.com/main/viewpage.php?page_id=1 – The Hysteria Continues podcast. The combined forces of The Bodycount Continues horror message board and the Hysteria Lives website (home of Justin Kerswell, author of Teenage Wasteland) bring you an informative and often ludicrously silly guide to slashers, gialli, proto-slashers and more. Innuendo-laden fun awaits.

http://geeknation.com/podcast/the-movie-crypt/ - The Movie Crypt with Green & Lynch. Hosted by Adam (Hatchet) Green and Joe (Wrong Turn 2) Lynch, this is a great show for horror fans and anyone with an interest in making films. Most episodes have a special guest from the world of horror, not just actors but writers, directors, make-up effects artists, costumers and more.  OK, so a lot of them are people who Green and/or Lynch have worked with, but why not get your buddies in?


http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=99734&cmd=tc – Castle of Horror. Speaking of buddies, I’d be a bad friend if I didn’t mention the podcast my old chum Drew Edwards works on with some other people.

No direct links to shows for this one, but try their An American Werewolf in London episode.

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