Tuesday, 19 November 2013

19 - Ten Hot Horror Hunks

Ladies, gay men and anyone else who’s interested, please pray silence for I bring you today’s entry – a rundown of ten hot horror hunks.

As always, not a top ten list and not arranged in order of merit, here are ten men from the world of horror I think you might like.

Oliver Reed. Forget the aging drunk of his latter career and look at this guy. Contributions to horror include Curse of the Werewolf, The Brood and The Devils.

Russell Todd - despite this being one of the smuggest pictures ever. Appeared in He Knows You’re Alone, Friday the 13th Part II and Chopping Mall.

David Boreanaz. Sure, he’s moved on to crime drama now. Appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Valentine.

Aidan Turner. That’s two vampires already, and two TV guys. Doesn’t say much for the guys in horror films I watch, does it? Starred in seasons 1-3 of Being Human, but otherwise appears to have avoided horror.


Jensen Ackles. Supernatural is filled with eye candy for those into the fellas. Also appeared in Devour and the My Bloody Valentine remake.

 Jared Padalecki. Another guy from Supernatural. Also appeared in House of Wax, Cry_Wolf and the Friday the 13th remake.

 Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Also from Supernatural where he plays the father of the above actors, and real life where he apparently plays Javier Bardem. Apart from Supernatural, he’s appeared in The Possession and The Resident.

Alexander Skarsgård. Another TV vampire, this time from True Blood, which appears to be his only horror  role unless you count the Straw Dogs remake. 

Joe Manganiello. Another True Blood star, and my choice to play Cajun X-Man Gambit in any film appearances. True Blood looks to be his only horror role.

Adam Green. I don’t care, I happen to think he’s quite handsome. Acted in, directed or wrote (or any combination thereof) Hatchet I-III, Spiral, Frozen, Chillerama: The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, Holliston, Digging Up The Marrow and a ton of horror/comedy shorts.

Tomorrow – the objectification of women!

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