Thursday, 8 September 2011

The tedious initial post.

Hello. Welcome to my blog.
I have finally decided to join the wondrous world of blogging - about a decade behind everyone else, and a good five years or more after everyone else got bored with blogs and quit.
I'm supposed to tell you stuff about myself, right? OK. Well, I'm English, mid-thirties, short, shaven-headed and bespectacled. The blog is called Splendid Comics and Sugary Tea because those are two things that I love, and I'll be mainly talking about comics whilst drinking tea.
I've been actively involved in creating comics since 2003. For most of that time I have been working as the editor of Halloween Man, written by the brilliant Drew Edwards and available to read at While I will occasionally be plugging Halloween Man here, this blog is mainly for my own work.
I'm the writer of a few small-press titles - It's The Beer Talking (drawn by Sergio Calvet), Fast and Frightening (issue 1 currently being drawn by Carlos Pedro), The Swingin' Dubbo Renwick (currently seeking an artist) and various other projects at various states of development which I may or may not ever actually finish. I'll be talking about them, sharing artwork, that sort of thing.
I'll also be putting up some of the reviews that I wrote for the late, lamented(?) Fractal Matter site. They're about five years out of date, but I wrote them and I'm going to share them with you.
I may even decide to tell you about things I've read, watched or attended, or share news from my creative friends. Or I may write some rambling nonsense about other things that strike my fancy. Who knows? It's going to be a wild and exciting ride, or possibly a slightly dull blog with the occasional pretty picture. It's fairly likely it will be the latter.

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